Darlington’s 1st Eco-sustainable Hair salon!



Darlington’s 1st Eco-sustainable Hair salon with passionate creative experienced hair stylists wanting you to LOVE your hair whilst being kind to the planet.

Our passion is to create gorgeous hair helping you look and feel amazing whilst reducing our carbon footprint to help protect and save our wonderful planet.

The salon interior is mostly created from up cycled reclaimed timber, wooden pallets and scaffold boards. ( a lot of sanding from salon owner SJ)  We used eBay for some of our other purchases and all the hard work was done by ourselves, friends family members and local tradesmen to whom we owe an abundance of gratitude, without them we could not of achieved this in such a small time frame.

The inspiration to proceed with being eco-friendly in the salon began as owner, Sarah-Jane, returned from travelling, salon supplies would sadly arrive in over packaged plastic (yuk)! SJ had always being a little eco warrior around the home and knew changes had to be made and it was time to be more earth conscious in the workplace. With some serious research and seeing a documentary called ‘War on Plastic’  SJ was truly horrified and this inspired her to make the changes that she had been wanting to make for such a long time .

From this moment SJ made it her mission to become as sustainable as possible, and Darlington’s first Eco friendly hair salon and work home to many other sustainable business’s was born. Yay!

Just some of the reasons we are proud to be called The Eco Salon Darlington…