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Over the last decade, it has always been a passion of mine to try and protect and support the environment. It started off as a personal feeling from my time backpacking and working with many individuals on my travels and expanded from there.

My inspiration to proceed with being eco-friendly in the salon began as I returned and it became very noticeable that many hairdressing supplies would sadly arrive in over packaged plastic (yuk)!

I wanted to make a different and started my research along with watching a documentary called, ‘War on Plastic’. Watching this was truly horrifying and really inspired me to make the changes that I had been wanting to make for such a long time.

I researched sustainable, cruelty-free hair brands and made the decision to be as environmentally friendly as possible in the hair salon. 

During this time, I was renting a chair in a hair salon but knew that if I wanted to make the changes that I really wanted to, it was time to open my own and Darlington’s first eco friendly hair salon – ‘Breath of Fresh Hair’.

Owner, Sarah-Jane x