Why is hair good for composting?

Human hair is a good source of nitrogen and studies have shown that clippings discarded from barbershops and hair salons can be a nutrient source for plants when combined with other compost materials.
It’s also a really good water retainer!

With this in mind and with doing everything we possible can to have 0 waste here at ‘A Breath Of Fresh Hair’ we currently have all hair clippings in a separate container whilst we are trying to figure out how to best to dispose of them in the most eco way possible.

So far I have only found an organisation in Canada that helps salons out with this. 🙄

If any of you are gardeners or farmers, or have a decent size garden, hair clippings could work as great compost for you ♻️🌱

If anyone has any other help or advice on this topic please let us know, help us create 0 waste, help us protect our planet.
#wecanallhelp ♻️🌎💚

Please share this post so we can find a solution 🙏🏼

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